The Members Meeting enjoyed slightly better weather this year than for the past two; at one point the sun even came out.   I believe that the event is close to a sell-out now as well, although it never really feels crowded.

The formula has been largely unchanged since these meetings were revitalised in 2014; historic cars largely from the post-war period, with demonstration runs from some more modern machinery.   The demonstration runs have definitely got faster over the years mind, and a couple got stopped after accidents where I can only imagine what the repair bill will be.   The pit area is open to all and it’s great to see people working on the cars that are being raced.

I think that the only constant has been the race involving touring cars from the late seventies and eighties, this year it was run in to the night on the first day and it is my favourite race.   Touring cars in the modern era have the same engine, so it is nice to hear the different sounds as the cars race by, from little minis to Camaros.

The meeting is fantastic, and really worth trying to get to, although this is getting increasingly difficult.   Just remember to wrap up warm!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below.   I will post more on my Tumblr in the next few days, which is at