This was my second visit to a Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage.   I even managed to drag my other half along with me on the premise of a date.   It was a lovely morning, and the site was much busier than in early January.   There was quite a queue to get in to the site and the last mile took about forty-five minutes to complete.   Possibly the traffic was made worse by an car broken down just in side the entrance, but it may just have been a really busy day.

The formula is the same; people drive old vehicles on to the site and park them up.   The rest of us walk around looking at them and getting ideas of what we would buy next if only we had the money.   The site is open for quite a lot of the day so cars come and go whilst one is visiting and it makes the event an ever-changing feast.   There was evidence of more re-building of some of the old buildings, which hopefully will be occupied in the near future with companies ready to throw open their doors at a future Sunday Scramble.

I took fewer pictures this time and looking through them there is a bit of a Saab theme going on.   This may be my looking back wistfully at an earlier time when I worked for Saab, but the cars do seem to be an affordable classic car to run and not as popular as I think that they deserve to be.

I clearly have a bit of a hankering for an American pick-up truck as well!