Classic car auction results from around the UK.

Follow the links from this sheet to get to the results from various classic car auctions held throughout the UK.

We will be adding to these all of the time, and as soon as auction results are published in the future we will endeavour to put them up on our site.   Over time we will try to turn this in to a fully searchable database, but some new programming skills are going to have to be acquired first.

Click on each of the links to go to the results from a particular auction house.   Once on these pages there are further links to the results from a particular sale.   For each auction result there is a URL in the left hand column, click on this and you will be taken to the relevant page from the auction house where there will be a full description and multiple pages.

Just classic cars at the moment, in time we will try to add classic motorcycle auction prices as well.   If there are any other auction houses that you would like to see, then please let us know by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Some people charge for this information, it’s all freely available on auction company websites, we are just trying to collate it in to one place.


Useful? Anything missing? Please let us know.

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